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What People Are Saying

My wife and I took John’s CCW class and totally enjoyed the content and format of the class. My wife was able to understand the terminology as John showed the class how to safely use and ultimately discharge a weapon. On the shooting range, John was able to take the classroom information and directly put it to use. With John’s help we were able to improve our skills and feel very comfortable using both a concealed and non-concealed weapon. I would recommend John’s classes to anyone interested.


Thanks so much for the great class. I was a little nervous and actually a little afraid of shooting a handgun. The information you gave us was really easy to understand and made us gals feel very comfortable. The actual shooting was done so safely and any questions were answered clearly. Thanks again!


I just wanted to thank you for the great class that you put on yesterday. I have a lot more confidence in my ability to shoot at my target. Since I am a beginner, I was surprised at myself. Everything we did yesterday helped me. D. wanted to thank you for allowing him to be a bystander. He also commented that he was impressed at how well I was doing…We’ll see you for our CCW class.

J & D

I really enjoyed both of your classes and feel that I learned a great deal. Thank you for your patience and knowledge.