Advanced Defensive Handgun Class

Our Advanced Handgun Shooting Class Will Teach You How To Deal With Multiple Threats, Assess Your Surroundings, and Tactical Handgun Efficiency. Classes Are Available To Private Citizens, Law Enforcement, & Military.
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Introduction To Our Advanced Defensive Handgun Training Class

In my Advanced Defensive Shooting course, I will take you to the next level in how to handle your handgun. We will train at different distances with multiple assailant scenarios. I will provide you with tactics for shooting with your off-hand, in awkward positions. This is NOT just a simple “shooting down range” course. This Advanced course will solidify your tactical handgun skills and knowledge in any situation.

Completing the course will likely make you more skilled and capable than some law enforcement officers. Given that few assailants will wait for you to have adequate preparation time or to be in the best lighting for a good shot, this is the most useful and appropriate defensive shooting education when you just need to be able to defend yourself and your family.

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Advanced Handgun Shooting Course

About Our Advanced Handgun Shooting Classes

There is the obvious benefit of being taken a bit more seriously by everyone who knows you when they know the extent of what you are willing to learn to safeguard everything you hold dear.

You will enjoy the training as well. This is serious training, but there is no reason you cannot have fun in doing this course.

When your life is being threatened, you cannot waste time responding to the situation. The bad guy isn’t going to be slow in trying to harm or rob you. My Advanced Defensive Handgun Shooting Course will provide you with a solid beginning in using your weapon properly and responsibly.

This 3-hour course is an action-based, range exclusive course that is more fun and exciting than a standard shooting course. I will train you in hands-on skills that will get you “GOOD” with a gun. Your instinctive abilities with a firearm will improve, and you will react quicker with better accuracy when you complete this course. Your basic skill will be a part of muscle memory, and your confidence with a firearm will be exponentially better.

If this is your first time working with me you, I will give you directions to my exclusive, private range in El Dorado County when you sign up for the gun course. My expertise and teaching skills will provide you with a fun, exciting, and stress- free learning environment.

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Located Near Folsom – Come Experience For Yourself Why DefenseSHOT Was Voted The Best Handgun Training Company In El Dorado County!

What You Will Learn During Our Advanced Handgun Training:

  • Off-hand shooting.
  • Unconventional shooting positions (Positions Beyond: prone, sitting, basic standing)
  • How to move during a fight to keep your handgun on target.
  • Situational Awareness – “Know your enemy or enemies” and how to be aware of innocent bystanders.
  • How to carry your concealed handgun most effectively for you (everyone is unique).
  • The most efficient ways to reload or replace magazines during the conflict.
  • The “extra” tactical techniques you need before and after high-threat situations.

Why Choose DefenseSHOT?

Many of my students are individuals that are older. Oftentimes, you may feel as if you cannot learn how to shoot. Let me assure that is far from reality. I have trained over 1,000 students, from cops to housewives. My program is designed to give you all the skills and practices that will make you a strong shooter.

Although I have a disciplined background, my teaching style is to encourage and focus you on the prize. I have testimonials that speak to my willingness to be patient.

Yes, I do smile as well. This is a relaxed shooting environment. You cannot learn to the best of your ability if you don’t have confidence in me.

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Enroll in my Advanced Defensive Shooting Course and ready yourself with confidence and conviction in your ability to handle any high threat situation!

This course will take you beyond the definition of prepared. In today’s climate, you need to be better than average to get the upper hand in high-threat situations. Whether the assailant is a common burglar or worse, enroll now to keep yourself prepared and ready for the bad guys.

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