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Introduction To Our Multi-State CCW Class

Now 36 states allow for obtaining a CCW whether you are a resident or not. Be mindful this number can change and it becomes incumbent on you to stay educated when traveling or moving. This course will educate you as to all the forms you will need to have for gaining a CCW permit in 36 states as of this time.

Nevada was recently added to the list of states that do not require any type of recertification to obtain your concealed carry. Laws may seem funny, but the fact is CCW is growing in popularity nationwide. Only a few have strict regulations about taking their state certification test. With this (currently 36) Multi-State CCW course, you will be ready to go in the states involved.

CW permit.

Please be sure to read the helpful tips, info, & resources at the bottom of this page!

Multi State CCW Permit Course

About Our Multi-State CCW Course

It is extremely important to note a California CCW is NOT required to obtain your Multi-State CCW Certification.

Crime does not know borders and you need to be ready wherever you travel in the United States. Knowing that 36 states currently make it easier to obtain a CCW is why we offer this course. BCI will run one background check in this class after you submit all the necessary documents. This is only a 4-hour class, but you will leave it prepared to handle obtaining your CCW in many states. There is no better time than now to click the button and be sign up to begin this class with DefenseSHOT.

It is hard to keep up with the various laws that each state puts into place for obtaining a CCW permit. In this Multi-State CCW Course, I take the tension and confusion out of the mix. The class time is only 4 hours, but it is 4 hours of everything you will need and need to know. I will obtain your information that BCI requires running a background check. This is a painless procedure that follows regulations about having a firearm. The criminals will not be in this class because they will not pass the computer check of their past. You, on the other hand, will come out just fine. In this timeframe, you will have your fingerprints rolled on three print cards. This saves you time and the necessity of ever having it done again when you go some other participating state.

Criminals will not be in this class because they will not pass the computer check of their past. You, on the other hand, will come out just fine. In this timeframe, you will have your fingerprints rolled on three print cards. This saves you time and the necessity of ever having it done again when you go some other participating state.

The States Accepting Your CCW

The states listed are the current known ones to accept CCW certification from this course. * Indicates carry at age 18.

Alabama* – Alaska – Arizona – Arkansas* – Connecticut – Delaware – Georgia* – Idaho* – Indiana* – Iowa -Kansas – Kentucky – Louisiana – Maine – Michigan* – Mississippi* – Missouri* – Montana* – Nebraska – Nevada* – New Mexico – New Hampshire – North Carolina* – North Dakota* – Ohio* – Oklahoma* – Pennsylvania – South Dakota – South Carolina – Tennessee* – Texas – Utah – Vermont* – Virginia -Wisconsin – Wyoming*

DefenseSHOT currently boasts a 100% approval rate for all of the Sacramento & El Dorado County CCW students I have trained over the years.

Benefits Of Our Multi-State CCW Course Include:

  • As I said before, going after your CCW in differing states can be somewhat confusing. This class is going to give you the assurance in being ready when you may need to obtain your CCW in Nevada or Arizona or wherever that falls within the list. There will be some states that will be a more involved, but most of the states will fall into this class parameter.
  • Part of CCW is knowing how to handle yourself in a stressful situation. Having your CCW means you have the legal authority to use your firearm when conditions require you to respond defensively.
  • You will be motivated to feel secure in what you learn and know. Knowledge is your greatest tool and you will have your toolkit filled when you complete this course.
  • A CCW means you can respond appropriately.

Can We Help You? YES, And Here Is Why…

Going after your CCW is a step that many people feel blindsided in knowing what to do. DefenseSHOT was established to help people like you to be confident in your knowledge and proper handling of handguns. Additionally, the courses offered to give you the insight into laws and documentation that is pertinent to have a CCW permit.I go to great lengths for your success. I do not teach using a lectern (well maybe sometimes) and a pointer. The only thing that is pointed in this school is a firearm down range. Knowing and using a weapon in the correct fashion is what you will leave with.

DefenseSHOT will place in your wheelhouse what is needed for you to succeed.I go to great lengths for your success. I do not teach using a lectern (well maybe sometimes) and a pointer. The only thing that is pointed in this school is a firearm down range. Knowing and using a weapon in the correct fashion is what you will leave with. DefenseSHOT will place in your wheelhouse what is needed for you to succeed.

I go to great lengths for your success. I do not teach using a lectern (well maybe sometimes) and a pointer. The only thing that is pointed in this school is a firearm down range. Knowing and using a weapon in the correct fashion is what you will leave with. DefenseSHOT will place in your wheelhouse what is needed for you to succeed.

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The time to decide is now. If you have travel plans now, or in the future, you must think in terms of your firearm. Criminals do not play fair and seek to do you harm if it pays off for them. Think about yours and your family’s safety. You want to be able to have a CCW in the state you are traveling to…or even relocating to permanently.

Click on the button below to begin the Multi-State CCW Course. It is a decision that you will know is the right one. Why? Because you have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Do not allow a thug the ability to keep that from you.

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Helpful CCW Tips, Resources, & Firearm Info Below!

Meet John, Your CCW Course Lead Instructor

California CCW and Firearms Trainer - John DanielsI can understand if you need more details before committing yourself to my course. So you want to know who I am and what I “bring to the party”?  Well, here I am in a nutshell.

My name is John. I have 17+ years of experience in law enforcement; I have also been a youth pastor at two churches, a licensed driving instructor, as well as many years of training in both marshal and material arts. Specific to firearms, I have the following certifications:

  • National Rifle Association
  • Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Firing Range Safety Officer
  • California Dept. of Justice Firearms Instructor
  • Bureau of Criminal Investigations Instructor
  • Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Instructor for California, Nevada & 35 other states

While these Certifications – many required by law- are extensive, what really sets me apart from the “other instructors” is my life experience. I didn’t just go out and get the basic, entry-level instructor certifications. I have many years of teaching experience and a God given gift to teach others, along with vast amounts of both professional law enforcement and personal experience in the use of force for the defense of self and others.

When you take my CCW  course or any of the wide variety of firearms courses I offer, I approach each student as a unique person with unique requirements. My style of training is centered on patience, and understanding that everyone is not the same. The simple going through the motions and “checking the boxes” that qualify you for a CCW permit, is not good enough. If someone were not progressing well in class, I would see that as an indictment of me, not my student. The “checking the boxes” approach is not what I do. 

When you work with me, I want you to get an A+, and more importantly, I want you to enjoy and retain the information in my course. This is why I regularly receive feedback from students who can’t believe how much they have learned so quickly. I also have a zero stress teaching philosophy. I know that you will learn more, retain more, and enjoy the class more when you don’t feel there is the stress of a tricky test hanging over your head. There is a test, but because our training is so good you can be confident that you will pass with flying colors. Over the years, none of our students have ever had a problem passing it.  I understand that the threat of a difficult test is not an indication of good training and often, actually inhibits learning. This is why my classes are stress-free and entertaining.  

Book my course, and you will experience a training method that is fun, with no stress and produces impressive effective results.

El Dorado County CCW Permit Application Info

For more information on the El Dorado County CCW application process click the on the applicable links below: We will also discuss the application in class, but here are some quick tips:

  • The application will ask what reason you want to have a CCW and it looks like they want an essay. Simple write in there two words: ”Self Defense”.  I know it says on the application they want more than that, but it’s not the case. Our Sheriff is very pro CCW and he prefers to keep it simple. (Sacramento is very similar and we do CCW training for them as well ) Click here for the Sacramento County CCW
  • Be honest. If you stole a pack of bubble gum when you were a kid or you were in a scuffle and the cops showed up, even though you think it’s not on your record it probably is. If you have ever been in handcuffs, mention it. If you mention it you’ll be fine, if you fail to mention it, that could cause a problem. They aren’t going to deny you a CCW over a speeding ticket unless you were going 100 mph through a school zone backwards or something. Keep in mind they are looking for patterns of violence or recklessness. Even in those cases severity of the case and how long ago it happened are taken into account. Feel free to contact me privately if you like if you have a specific concern about your history. I’ll be happy to help.
  • If you have had tickets in the past five years, mention them. You don’t have to dig them up and give the exact date. You could write something like, “I had a ticket in approximately 2015 in the Bay Area”. That would be fine.
  • When you turn in the application – either before or after our class – you’ll want to call the nice people at the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 621-5703 and make an appointment to drop off your application in person. You’ll take the application along with all the instructions that came with it and hand it in. You’ll be there for about 10 minutes while they take your picture (remember to smile) and roll your prints. They will also go over your application with you – reading back what you wrote down. hen you will have you sign it.  
  • After a few months, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office will call you back in for a quick oral interview. There’s nothing to be anxious about. By that time you will have taken our DefenseSHOT CCW class. This will make your interview easy because you will have the best training and you’ll know what you are talking about. Keep in mind, in all the years we have been doing this we have never had a student denied.  

NEW CCW APPLICANTS – CCW Application for New Applicant Rev. 08/05/2014

CCW RENEWAL – CCW Renewal Application Rev. 08/05/2014

Local CCW Laws & Helpful Links

In your efforts to become a responsible CCW Permit holder in El Dorado County, I think it is very important that you understand the local laws. These laws, like so many other aspects of government, are subject to modification based on changes in legislation at the local, state, and federal levels. I have provided a link below specific to the county and state laws for Firearms and ammunition.

New CCW Applicants – CCW Application for New Applicant Rev. 08/05/2014

CCW Renewals – CCW Renewal Application Rev. 08/05/2014

El Dorado County Laws California State Firearms and Ammunition Laws

NRACitizen’s Guide to Federal Firearms Law

What To Expect (Classroom)

Expect to learn a new perspective of what firearms and concealed carry responsibilities are all about! Expect to have a good time and share a great experience with the other people in your class!

It doesn’t matter what your experience is with firearms is either. My teaching methods have positioned students with shooting proficiency that is beyond the skill level of many law enforcement officers after only one day of training in our Defense Shooting and Advanced Defense Shooting Classes.

I have even used my methods to assist active law enforcement officers to surpass firearms qualifying requirements they were struggling with.

The classroom is pretty informal, but it is a classroom setting (before going to the firing range). You will be able to get up and walk to the back of the class to stretch and move around. The chairs are padded, you’ll be seated in rows of tables in our beautiful classroom. We will take about a 10-minute break every hour or so during classroom training.

At the beginning of the course, I will give the location and directions to the DefenseSHOT firing range.

What To Expect (Firing Range)

SAFETY FIRST! OBEY ALL THE RULES! I can NEVER emphasize the this enough!  Before we leave the classroom, I will give a brief introduction to range safety, and the voice commands you need to know and follow for the firing range portion of the course. When we get to the firing range, I will repeat a more detailed, “Walkthrough” training for voice commands, introduction to range safety, and the “Rules of the Range” that we briefly discussed in the classroom.

After we finish with range safety and walkthrough, we will:

  • Live Fire qualifying rounds with your firearm in preparation for certification.
  • Live Fire for official CCW Certification.
Bring The Following
  1. Comfortable “outdoor” clothes (weather appropriate) IF you intend to shoot with me after the mandatory classroom portion of the training. Shooting is optional and not required to get your CCW, but I do recommend it which is why I offer that training at no extra cost. There is no shooting test.
  2. Crew neck shirts are best, so you can avoid the experience of having the “hot brass” of spent cases cascading down the inside of your shirt.
  3. Pants or shorts.
  4. A baseball cap is recommended.
  5. Comfortable shoes: athletic shoes or hiking boots. No open toe sandals, please.
  6. Bottle water/soft drinks with snacks/lunch. (We are going to be together for 8 hours).
  7. Bring a piece of paper and a pen notes.( you’ll find you don’t need to take many notes due to my teaching style. You’ll find you just suddenly “ own” the information)
  8. If you intend to shoot, Bring safety glasses and hearing protection for the range. (Sunglasses and Rx glasses are fine if they have a safety rating). We do have eye and ear protection available if needed.
  9. If you intend to shoot, Bring at least 50 rounds of ammunition for your personal handgun. Handguns are also available if needed.
Firearm Transportation Rules & Laws

IMPORTANT: When traveling with a personal firearm to the classroom location, and to the firing range…

  • Feel free to bring your UNLOADED firearm into the classroom in a hard or soft locked container.
  • Please leave all ammunition in your car during classroom training.

In accordance with California State law:

“Pursuant to California Penal Code section 25610, a United States citizen over 18 years of age who is not prohibited from firearm possession,.. in California, may transport by motor vehicle any handgun provided it is unloaded and locked in the vehicle’s trunk or in a locked container. Furthermore, the handgun must be carried directly to or from any motor vehicle for any lawful purpose and, while being carried must be contained within a locked container.”


To recap that: while traveling in your vehicle – to class for instance- your gun must be unloaded, and in a locked container. The ammunition cannot be in the container with the gun, or near the container. The ammunition should be near the opposite end of the vehicle from the gun container if possible. The law does not state what kind of container except that you can’t use the glove box or console as the “locked container” for your gun. I will not be checking for this, this is just to make sure you are in compliance in case you get pulled over.

Once you get your CCW you will be able to carry guns listed on your CCW loaded and placed anywhere in the vehicle provided it is out of sight and under your control.

Classroom & Firing Range Locations

Classroom Location – The class is located at Holiday Inn Express at Town Center 4360 Town Center Blvd El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. It is near the intersection of Town Center Boulevard and Post Court. Click here to get directions.

Firing Range Location – The firing range location is a secret off-site location that will be revealed to you via email on signup and in the classroom during the class. Our private shooting facility range is a secret off-site location only minutes away that will be revealed to you via email on signup and in the classroom during the class.

About El Dorado County

El Dorado County, located in east-central California, encompasses 1,805 square miles of rolling hills and mountainous terrain. El Dorado, Spanish for “Golden One,” was one of the original 27 Counties of the State of California, formed by an Act passed on February 18, 1850.

El Dorado County contains two municipal bodies. The largest city in the County is the City of South Lake Tahoe, with a population estimate of 23,594. Placerville, the County seat, is approximately 45 miles northeast of the California State Capitol, Sacramento.

Placerville has an estimated population of 10,171. The remaining County’s 144,144 residents live outside of the two incorporated areas. The diverse landscape of El Dorado County entices residents and tourists alike to enjoy outdoor recreation activities year-round.