Rifle & Carbine Shooting Class

Our Rifle and Carbine Class Will Teach You Safe Gun Handling, Working Parts Of The Rifle and Beginner To Advanced Rifle Shooting Tactics For Real World Environments.
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Introduction To Our Rifle & Carbine Shooting Classes

Opposed to carrying a concealed weapon, an AR15 or M4 rifle are not so easily disguised. If out and about these weapons are usually utilized by the bad guy looking to rob or kill.

You may not plan on carrying one of these firearms with you, but you may plan on having around your home. Home invasions have grown in recent years and having access to a higher powered weapon may be something you are interested in. Being proficient and confident in using an AR15 is a must. That is where my AR15/M4 rifle class comes into play.

If you have ever wanted to shoot such a firearm or be prepared in using one, the time could not better to sign-up for this fascinating, fun and educating course.

Rifle and Carbine Shooting Course

About Our Rifle And Carbine Shooting Course

This is a course that is designed to handle 1-6 in small group settings. You will learn how to clean, assemble and shoot the AR15 and M4 rifle. The Nice thing is I have these type of weapons available to train on if you do not have access to one at this time.

These are not simple handguns and as such, I take great pains to ensure you are comfortable in using one of these specialized weapons.

In this class, you are going to learn how to take an AR15 or M4 rifle apart and how to reassemble it. As you do so you will learn what the various parts are for and how to maintain them properly. Other things to expect from the AR15/M4 training class is how to hold the rifle when getting ready to fire, how to properly load and unload the weapon, the types of magazines. You will become proficient in dealing with possible malfunctions that could occur.

In the actual shooting, you are going to fire your rifle from various positions. If you are in an attack in your home, being able to respond from differing positions is imperative. Most criminals are not thinking when they shoot. Your response must be instinctual and direct. That is part of the tactical response you gain from this class. This course is designed to have you use your weapon in a defensive position.

The course is comprehensive between knowing and using your weapon, along with all necessary regulations that pertain to this course.

This class is designed to be enjoyable in the process. Shooting a high-powered rifle can be exhilarating, especially as you see your marksmanship improve. There many fundamentals in using an AR15 and similar rifle. In this class, you will gain all that and more.

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Benefits Of The Course

I love shooting these high-powered rifles. There is something fascinating in gaining marksmanship level shooting at the range with these amazing firearms. My desire is that you leave the class with the same excitement in having completed this course and in simply enjoying the weapon. Of course, my main purpose is for you to be top-line in using these weapons from a defensive standpoint. But I hope my passion for these weapons carries over to you as well.

  • One of the things you will gain from this course is being familiar with this weapon of choice. Unlike handguns, rifles like the AR15 allow you a different feeling of confidence. That confidence is not cockiness, but a knowledge of knowing what your weapon is capable of accomplishing.
  • Discipline in handling an M4 or AR15 can never be overstated. These weapons fire differently from a handgun. Success in handling a situation utilizing these weapons comes down to being controlled and in control.
  • I want you to gain an appreciation for firing these type of rifles. They can be fun to use, especially if you understand their capabilities better.
  • It doesn’t matter your sex or age. These weapons can be handled, fired and enjoyed by all adult ages. Seniors may especially enjoy trying their hand at the AR15.

How We Can Help You And Why Choose Us?

DefenseSHOT is not your typical firearms training center. Not only do I do the training on a personal level, I stand by my claims. My attitude towards shooting and knowing your weapon is serious. This course is designed to be enjoyable, but it is also designed to make you successful in handling a high-powered rifle like the AR15.

Hands on training, patience with differing personalities and knowing the material sets us apart from the run of the mill firearms centers. Choose us because we have your back in every step of the training. Recognized as a leader in defensive firearms training, DefenseSHOT stands by its reputation. My reputation. I will not let you fail.

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The stakes are high in these days where criminals are concerned. The bad guys continue to gain higher capacity weapons to do their crimes. Knowing how to be responsive and capable of using a weapon like an AR15 is to your advantage. Don’t be the victim or allow one of your loved ones to become one.

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