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Introduction To Our Beginner Handgun Training Class

Are you new to firearms and uncomfortable or apprehensive about learning the ins and outs of firearms? If you take my basic handgun shooting course, I will make you more knowledgeable and confident with firearms in a fun and stress-free environment. Every single student in my Basic Handgun Shooting Course has been “trained up” to the level required to pass my CCW Permitting Course.

Additionally, my basic course prepares brand new shooters for our Intermediate Defensive Handgun Shooting Class where they will learn law enforcement defensive tactics. Learning these tactical skills typically result in an effective shooting rate of 3 to 4 rounds a second on target.

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Beginner Handgun Shooting Course

About Our Beginner Handgun Shooting Classes

So, at this point, you might be asking yourself, “What exactly is this course about?  What am I going to learn?” While I am fully versed in the instruction manuals and NRA standard guidelines I choose to implement a training model that is exclusive to the individual student and class.

These classes at DefenseSHOT are very fun, effective, and relaxed. Students can be as young as ten years old.  Students under 18 require a student/parent training team to enroll. I use my prior experience in law enforcement, Nationally Certified Firearms Instructor training, and youth pastor duties to accommodate all levels of learning and make my course a value-added experience.

I do not simply repeat what is in the official course content and read out of a book. I will address individual needs and customize how I approach the learning experience on a case by case basis. I will take you to my private firing range secluded in beautiful El Dorado County. This is where a majority of my students, who were relatively new to general firearms (never having shot before), have experienced a stress-less day of exciting and enjoyable learning.

This course will educate you in all for the basics of firearms and firearm safety. It is my primary goal to dispel all of the “hype and horror” that so often encompasses the idea of firearm ownership in today’s society. When you leave my firearms class, you will have a detailed understanding of firearms, firearms operation and maintenance.

I will give you a detailed understanding of the current local, state, and federal firearms laws. The most important benefits of taking my class are that the environment and my approach are proven to be very relaxed, fun, and informative. I work diligently to ensure that your experience is value-added, fun, and stress-free. I will customize the training to fit each, individual student to get a detailed understanding of the different models of handguns and the pros and cons of each.

We will have a 2 hours classroom instruction, and a one hour live, firing range exercises to get “over the stigma” of handguns and handgun ownership. Once you have finished my course, you will have a better and more confident understanding of the use, ownership, and mechanics of firearms. You will also be more educated on firearms laws at all levels.

With My Basic Handgun Shooting Course, You Will Receive:

  1. Two-Hour Long Professional Lecture On: Introduction To Firearms, Introduction To Federal, State, and Local Firearms Laws, & Basic Firearms Use.
  2. Safe Handling Drills, Such As: Introductory Drills Using Model Handguns, Live Drills With Real Handguns.
  3. 1 Hour Of Shooting Experience At The DefenseSHOT Firing Range

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Benefits of the Beginner Handgun Course

In my course, you will learn safe handgun operation and shooting techniques.  I will teach you fundamental firing ranging safety like, when to shoot and not to shoot, muzzle control (where to point the handgun), and clearing your weapon.  In the 2-hour classroom setting, you will learn general handgun familiarization, how to properly hold a handgun, some handgun history, and the responsibilities and requirements for owning firearms (laws, permit requirements, and the firearms purchasing process).

  • General understanding of Firearms and how to use them. (Overcome the “fear of firearms”)
  • Learn how to be a RESPONSIBLE gun owner.
  • Detailed understanding of firearms laws.
  • Confident and basic skills to be able to visit a firing range and know what you are doing.
  • Understanding of how to purchase a handgun.
  • Handgun types and pros and cons of each.
  • Knowing the legal requirements for owning a handgun.
  • Basic live fire skills.

Why Choose DefenseSHOT?

Many of my students are individuals that are older. Oftentimes, you may feel as if you cannot learn how to shoot. Let me assure that is far from reality. I have trained over 1,000 students, from cops to housewives. My program is designed to give you all the skills and practices that will make you a strong shooter.

Although I have a disciplined background, my teaching style is to encourage and focus you on the prize. I have testimonials that speak to my willingness to be patient.

Yes, I do smile as well. This is a relaxed shooting environment. You cannot learn to the best of your ability if you don’t have confidence in me.

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We proudly serve the Folsom, Roseville, & Sacramento area.

Rise above the average citizen and throw away the stigma and doubts surrounding firearms. Take my course and have a fun and exciting day of learning what RESPONSIBLE firearm ownership is all about.

Doing this will allow you to build a solid foundation to expand your firearms skills in the future and allow you to improve your life and the lives of your friends and family well into the future.

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Helpful CCW Tips, Resources, & Firearm Info Below!

Meet John, Your Handgun Instructor

Hi, my name is John. I handle all training personally. Why? Not only do I want you to be proficient in handling a firearm, I engage with you one on one to ensure that happens. It is because of my background I guarantee you success.

So what do I bring to the table?

  • 17 years of Peace Officer experience means I understand the criminal mind. Under my training, you will acquire an understanding for responsive shooting in a tense situation.
  • Certification from the NRA and California DOJ as an instructor establishes my credibility on the range. Through my tutelage, you WILL be proficient in hitting what you aim at.
  • I have taught other cops so that they could pass department shooting qualifications. I will pass that same knowledge on to you. Shooting for accuracy and speed will not be a question after your training with me.

My reputation is my word to you that you WILL succeed.

Local CCW Laws & Helpful Links

I think it is very important that you understand the local laws. These laws, like so many other aspects of government, are subject to modification based on changes in legislation at the local, state, and federal levels. I have provided a link below specific to the county and state laws for Firearms and ammunition.

El Dorado County Laws – California State Firearms and Ammunition Laws

NRA – Citizen’s Guide to Federal Firearms Law

What To Expect (Firing Range)

SAFETY FIRST! OBEY ALL THE RULES! I can NEVER emphasize the this enough!  Before we leave the classroom, I will give a brief introduction to range safety, and the voice commands you need to know and follow for the firing range portion of the course. When we get to the firing range, I will repeat a more detailed, “Walkthrough” training for voice commands, introduction to range safety, and the “Rules of the Range” that we briefly discussed in the classroom.

After we finish with range safety and walkthrough, we will:

  • Live Fire qualifying rounds with your firearm in preparation for certification.
  • Live Fire for official CCW Certification.
Bring The Following
  1. You will need your gun and 150 rounds of ammo. Bring extra if you like. If you do not have a handgun, you can rent one of our Very nice easy shooting guns for $29.
  2. Comfortable “outdoor” clothes (weather appropriate).
  3. Crew neck shirts are best, so you can avoid the experience of having the “hot brass” of spent cases cascading down the inside of your shirt.
  4. Pants or shorts.
  5. A baseball cap is recommended.
  6. Comfortable shoes: athletic shoes or hiking boots. No open toe sandals, please.
  7. Bring safety glasses and hearing protection for the range. (Sunglasses and Rx glasses are fine if they have a safety rating). We do have eye and ear protection available if needed.
Firearm Transportation Rules & Laws

IMPORTANT: When traveling with a personal firearm to the classroom location, and to the firing range…

  • Feel free to bring your UNLOADED firearm into the firing range in a hard or soft locked container.
  • Please keep all ammunition separate upon arrival. We will not load our magazines until instructed to do so.

In accordance with California State law:

“Pursuant to California Penal Code section 25610, a United States citizen over 18 years of age who is not prohibited from firearm possession,.. in California, may transport by motor vehicle any handgun provided it is unloaded and locked in the vehicle’s trunk or in a locked container. Furthermore, the handgun must be carried directly to or from any motor vehicle for any lawful purpose and, while being carried must be contained within a locked container.”

Reference: https://oag.ca.gov/firearms/travel

To recap that: while traveling in your vehicle – to class for instance- your gun must be unloaded, and in a locked container. The ammunition cannot be in the container with the gun, or near the container. The ammunition should be near the opposite end of the vehicle from the gun container if possible. The law does not state what kind of container except that you can’t use the glove box or console as the “locked container” for your gun. I will not be checking for this, this is just to make sure you are in compliance in case you get pulled over.

Firing Range Locations

The location for the firing range is kept a secret so as not to ruin our perfect situation. At the time of sign-up, the location for the range will be revealed.

Firing Range Location – The firing range location is a secret off-site location that will be revealed to you via email on signup and in the classroom during the class. Our private shooting facility range is a secret off-site location only minutes away that will be revealed to you via email on signup and in the classroom during the class.

About El Dorado County

El Dorado County, located in east-central California, encompasses 1,805 square miles of rolling hills and mountainous terrain. El Dorado, Spanish for “Golden One,” was one of the original 27 Counties of the State of California, formed by an Act passed on February 18, 1850.

El Dorado County contains two municipal bodies. The largest city in the County is the City of South Lake Tahoe, with a population estimate of 23,594. Placerville, the County seat, is approximately 45 miles northeast of the California State Capitol, Sacramento.

Placerville has an estimated population of 10,171. The remaining County’s 144,144 residents live outside of the two incorporated areas. The diverse landscape of El Dorado County entices residents and tourists alike to enjoy outdoor recreation activities year-round.