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Private El Dorado County CCW

Introduction To Our Private Shooting Classes


Have you ever thought about taking classes to obtain your CCW certification? Maybe you have, but the idea of being part of a group class is a bit unsettling? In fact, you may find that one on one learning is where you do your best training. So private shooting classes may be the best approach for you to consider.

The criminal mind is a scary place to be…and even worse to stay ahead of what they are thinking. Not everyone can be a detective to figure out what the bad guys are planning. One thing is for certain. Their train of thought cannot be second guessed. So, the private citizen is better off being ready to respond when a threat of physical harm or home invasion is what the creeps are thinking

How One-On-One Firearms Instruction Can Help You

Private shooting classes at DefenseSHOT are delivered personally by me. My philosophy is I want to ensure that you have the skillset to handle yourself if the need arises using a firearm. With many years in law enforcement and NRA trained, I guarantee that the time spent in my private one on one course will have you prepared. Not only in familiarity with a firearm but extremely proficient.

There is no better time than now to sign up for one of my various private one-on-one shooting courses. The cost is exceptional compared to various programs that exist, but do not guarantee successful results.

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About Our Private Shooting Classes

At DefenseSHOT various private firearm classes are available. Each individual need is different, so the classes are structured to fit what you are looking for. Click below to learn about each of our classes.

Private CCW Classes

El Dorado County CCW

Obtaining your CCW for El Dorado has never been better than it is now. Why? This 8-hour private firearms class for your CCW is county resident specific. What you learn here will cover effectively what you need to understand about a concealed carry certification for California. Your time will not only involve classroom time, but you will be placed on the gun range. You cannot develop simply through book and lecture experience. This course is approved by the El Dorado Sheriff’s Department.

El Dorado County CCW Renewal

Ok you have previously been CCW certified. Now you notice it is time to have your concealed carry certification renewed. However, you do not want to be part of a large or small class. You may find that reviewing what you know is best done in a private class. I will engage with you to fine tune what you already know and can be improved upon. When you have finished this class, you will have no problem getting your CCW up-to-date.

Sacramento County CCW

This curriculum is facilitated to make you CCW compliant in Sacramento County. Because this county is open to obtaining your CCW, now is the right time to sign-up for this private firearms course. As with other classes, this private one-on-one session will be totally focused on you and your result. You need to know your weapon inside and out. This class will do just that as we spend time in the classroom and out on the gun range. Approved by the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, this course is real situational training. As a first-time shooter, or with little experience, you will come to know the firearm of choice.

Sacramento County CCW Renewal

Your CCW will eventually expire. Sacramento County allows for renewals and this private shooting course will familiarize you once again with what you need to know to be renewed. You will get to be on the range again as you develop your proficiency with shooting. A renewed CCW is no good if you have forgotten or become complacent in your understanding and use of a firearm.

Multi-State CCW

There are approximately 36 states that allow for resident/non-resident CCW certification. In this private firearms class, you will learn what you need to know for obtaining a CCW in a different state. You do not have to have a California CCW to obtain your CCW in some other state (some exceptions do apply). In his class, you will know what you need to obtain regarding paperwork and be prepared with fingerprint cards in hand. Having knowledge of what is required will be to your benefit.

Private Firearms Training

Beginner Handgun

Intermediate Defensive Handgun

Targets do not shoot back, but people do. This course is designed to help you gain experience and proficiency in handling yourself defensively. This course that allows for private shooting instruction will give you everything you need to know about shooting for the protection of yourself and others. It is not enough to point a gun. You must be quick and focused on who your enemy is and how to respond appropriately. Just as with any of the private firearms classes, you will need your own firearm. You may use one of ours for a minimal fee if you do not yet own one.

Advanced Defensive Handgun

This class is instructional and fun. In this class, you will do more than face a target. Shooting from various tactical positions will be involved. In this class where you need 150 rounds of ammunition with your firearm, shooting will include from behind barricades, various distances, night-time conditions and more. Expertise with speed loading will be a part of what you learn in this private shooting lesson.

Rifle & Carbine

Shooting with a rifle or AR15 is far different than that of a handgun. These are great guns to have when someone wants to invade your home or private space. Their very presence is intimidating. Plus, these guns are fun to shoot at the range. In this course, shooting and maintaining these weapons will be part of the curriculum. I will make sure you understand how to tear apart an AR15 or M4 rifle. Confidence is something you will acquire before you have completed this class.

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Private El Dorado County CCW
Private El Dorado County CCW
Private El Dorado County CCW
Private El Dorado County CCW

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Guns are a unique experience, especially if you have never fired or held one. But they do not have to be something that unsettles you. The private firearms classes at DefenseSHOT are geared to making you successful in your shooting routine. The bad guys do not get easier and easier to deal with. If they want something they will do everything they can to get it.

These one-on-one private courses will help you have confidence in your ability to protect yourself and obtaining your CCW with ease. It is important to me that I train you personally because I look at you as an investment. Not for my personal gain, but in your abilities and mindset in being successful.

Another important aspect in defense shooting it inspires a disciplined mind. You will understand your weapon, how to keep it maintained, its proper use and using it proficiently.

Check us out and you will see that our private firearms classes will provide you with the right training at the right time. Click on the button above for your desired class and begin your adventure into a new and exciting world of defense shooting. Call us at (530) 206-6377 or contact us if you have any questions!